Root Cause Investigator

Posted 5 years ago

 Middle East UAE

This position will be operating at the Barakah Nuclear Power Plant on site in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, we are currently looking for Root Cause Investigator.  These are contract positions to be based in the UAE for a duration of 12 months with potential contract extension. Working hours are 38 hrs/week with up to 20 hrs/week additional as approved by EnerSpex and the Client.

Role description

Root Cause Investigator that can deliver the below such as:

1. Perform or mentor root cause evaluations for significant events to determine organizational and programmatic causal factors, human performance causal factors, and equipment failures.

2. Experienced technical writer in order to deliver high-quality RCE reports.

3. Provide mentoring and training to Corrective Action Review Board (CARB) members to augment investigative rigor.

4. Perform or mentor other cause evaluations as needed (Apparent Cause Evaluations [ACE] and Basic Cause Evaluations [BCE]).

In addition, the SW will also be involved in development of other key initiatives as seen fit by the NPI function.

Scope of Work Details

1. Description of Goods and/or Services: One (1) Root Cause Investigator that will mentor, perform, and deliver high quality root cause evaluations and other cause evaluations as needed and as listed in scope of work summary.

Location of Work Both Barakah and Abu Dhabi as required.

Working Hours Per Site weekly working schedule, the standard 38 hours (4 days) + up to 20 additional hours, which exclude 1 hour lunch break and travel time.

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