RO/SRO Regulatory / FANR Exam Authors

Posted 5 years ago

 Middle East UAE

These positions will be operating at the Training Center on site in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, we are currently looking for a RO/SRO Regulatory / FANR Exam Authors. This is a contract position to be based in the UAE for a duration of 16 months with potential contract extension. Working hours are 38 hrs/week with up to a possibility of 12 hrs/week additional overtime if approved.

Role description

A need has arisen to acquire additional Audit and FANR Certification Exam Developers to support the delivery of the scope of the Certified (Licensed) Operator Pipeline project to support plant startup and continued power operations.

 Audit and FANR Exam Developers (6 Exam Developers) are required to supplement the operation training department in the development and implementation of the Certified Operator Audit and FANR Certification evaluation items including but not limited to the following:

 -Developing Audit and FANR Certification Examination materials (Written, Simulator Scenarios, & JPM evaluations).

-Executing the Systematic Approach to Training process IAW BNPP procedures and policies and NUREG 1021 guidelines.


Principal Activities and Responsibilities (based on background all or any could be required)

-Develop Examination Simulator Scenarios.

-Develop Examination Job Performance Measures (Performance and Administrative).

-Develop Written Examinations.

-Execute the Systematic Approach to Training (SAT) process IAW station procedures and policies.

-Support operational and written examinations as necessary.

-Revise operations examination material IAW approved station procedures and policies.

Stakeholder Engagement Facilitate communications both internally and externally in order to build and nurture mutually beneficial working relationships.

Essential skills

-High School Diploma or equivalent with 2 years SRO/RO License/Certification Exam Development experience.

-Previously qualified as a Certification/License Exam Developer and previously licensed or certified SRO/RO.

-INPO/USNRC Regulatory Exam Author Certificate.

Desired skills

-Bachelor’s Degree in Science or Engineering with 5 years SRO/RO License/Certification Exam Development experience

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